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  • Electronic products
    Electronic products
  • Houses and buildings
    Houses and buildings
  • Cartoon prototype
    Cartoon prototype
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  • Industrial accessories
    Industrial accessories
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About Us
About Us
Founded in 2016, Leimeng Group is specialized in 3D modeling services and 3D printing services. The company has more than 1200 large-scale industrial SLA light curing printers, 100 large-scale industrial SLS laser sintering 3D printers, 100 nylon sintering SLM, 200 precision carving machines, 20 low and high pressure sintering equipment, with the workshop covering an area of 20000 square meters.  
  • 20000+㎡
    Floor area
  • 100000+
    Customer enterprises
    and organizations
  • 1600+sets
    Mechanical equipment


  • List of distribution of 32 branches
  • Distribution of 11 companies in East China
  • Distribution of 17 companies in South China
  • Distribution of 4 companies in Central China
  • ①Tianjin
    Tianjin Leimeng
  • ②Shaanxi Province
    Xi'an Leimeng
  • ③Anhui Province
    Hefei Jinchuang
  • ④Jiangsu Province
    Xuzhou Leimeng, Zhenjiang Jiayue, Jiaheng 3D, Haimen Alliance
    Suzhou Xinleimeng, Suzhou Jiayue, Suzhou Jiaxin, Jiake
    Haimen Alliance、Suzhou Jiayue、Suzhou Jiaxin
    Jiake、Suzhou Xin Leimeng
  • ⑤Shanghai
    Shanghai Leimeng
  • ⑥Zhejiang Province
    Ningbo Jinrui, Yongkang Leimeng, Taizhou Jinrui, Wenzhou Linghang
  • ⑦Guangdong Province
    Shantou Xinshi, Shantou Leimeng, Qiaotou Leimeng, Foshan Linghang
    Huizhou Leimeng, Zhongshan Leimeng, Shajing Linghang, Fenggang Linghang
    Fenggang Zhuweitian, Chang'an Leishi, Changping Leishi, Huiyang Linghang
    Huizhou Leimeng, Shenzhen Zhuzhu, Zhongshan Linghang
  • ⑧Guangxi Province
    Guangxi Quantong

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Address:Room 6, 8th Building, XueYuan Road HaiDian District Beijing China

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